Studio in the heart of Aalborg, DK

Welcome to The Hideout Studio!

The Hideout Studio is a "one stop studio" where we are able to take care of the following:

  • Recording, mixing, mastering, video and livesessions, promo photosessions and music distribution.

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Velkommen til The Hideout Studio!

Musikstudie i hjertet af Aalborg

Da vi er så heldige at mange af vores kunder kommer fra udlandet, vil du/i opleve at vores hjemmeside overvejende er på engelsk, men frygt ikke, vores musikstudie ligger i Aalborg.


Welcome to The Hideout Studio located in Aalborg

Musikstudie i Aalborg

Great artist still make their best music in the best studios around the world and we are ready for you.

We welcome you inside what might be the most cozy studio you ever seen, thats what our clients calls The Hideout. A welcoming atmosphere greets you when you enter each of our recording rooms.

The heart of the studio is our control room. Dominated by old-school analogue equipment combined with modern hardware and software.

The main recording room have all your heart might desire including old Vox and Fender amplifiers as well as our 1896 Steinway & Sons B211 grand piano.

The secondary recording room is ideal for isolating acoustic instruments or vocals during full band recording sessions.

All gear in the studio is at your free disposal, including the grandpiano.

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A video connects an artist and a listener.

There are many different ways that musicians can use video to promote their music and connect with their audience. By leveraging the power of video, musicians can reach a wider audience, build their brand, and share their music with the world.

We are well known and highly praised for our livessesion videos. An effective an immersive way to draw the viewers into the music and also a very professionally booking material. A livessions is an effective way to showcase the band or the artist live performance.

Musicians can use video to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their lives and their creative process. This can help to create a sense of intimacy and connection with their audience and give fans an inside look at the musician's world. These BTS glimpses also serves as great content for social media platforms, a online presences is more important now than ever in the competetive market of great music.

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Press Photography, Portrait Photography, Coverart, So Me.

The possibilities and uses are endless with a photography.

Photos allow musicians to showcase their image and aesthetic to their audience. This can be especially important for musicians who are trying to build their brand and establish their identity. By selecting and sharing high-quality photos that reflect their style and personality, you as a musician can create a visual representation of your music and your brand.

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